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We believe programmatic and data driven advertising is changing online marketing from the ground up, bringing efficency and transparency to a complex and opaque world. Let our Demand Side Platform help you deliver the right message to the right person at the right time for your clients. Either handle campaigns on your own, or let us handle them for you. 

The market for buying media is changing rapidly.

Our technology and services are built to last.


We believe that the days of the black box, the hidden sitelists and the wasted media budgets are counted. We’re 100% transparent about inventory, media costs and fees.

Local Presence

We’re present where you are, and have in-depth knowledge about the Nordic market and its inventory and data suppliers. Drop by our office in Stockholm!


Our approach is down to earth. We’re generous with our ideas and know-how, customer oriented, and love to customize solutions to your needs.

Our Technology

We're an online marketing one-stop shop.

Massive Reach

Our technology is integrated with the major players of the online advertising ecosystem, providing a single point of access to buy billions of ad impressions per second, globally.

Multi Channel & Multi Device

Our platform buys exposure on desktop, mobile and tablet devices, whether it is web-based, mobile optimized, in-app or video content.

Bid Based

Our technology inspects thousands of buying opportunities each second, bidding and buying only the ones relevant to your advertising campaigns.

Data Driven

We believe that your audience and client data is your most valueable asset. Put it in our silo and we’ll leverage it for your marketing purposes, giving you valueable insights along the way.

Self-Service DSP

As a self-service DSP client, you leverage BidTheatre’s technology and manage campaigns either through our cloud based GUI, or via API integrations. The DSP is suited for media industry professionals that has capacity to manage campaigns in-house and need a technology partner. We guarantee data isolation, system availability, ongoing feature upgrades and support. 

  • Cloud based
  • Whitelabeled login & reporting
  • European market access
  • Creative hosting & Content Delivery Network
  • Data Management Platform (DMP)
  • Integrated banner & video adserving
  • API access for system integration
  • Technical Support

Managed DSP

Do the possibilities offered through the Demand Side Platform sound brilliant, but you want to focus on your core business? Let our consultants service your campaign bookings and oversee campaign planning, management, optimization, reporting and analysis. 

  • Personal campaign manager
  • Retargeting and audience buying
  • Direct & private marketplace (PMP) deals
  • Brand & performance campaign metrics
  • Reporting including brand and performance metrics, screendumps
  • Advertiser & publisher Adserving
  • Technical support


Programmatic marketing means major changes and new opportunities for most players in the media industry. We have in-depth knowledge of the technical foundations of this new eco-system, and with that good insights into the possibilities and challenges. 

With our consultancy services, we advise on everything from technology strategy to campaign planning

  • Self-Service DSP
  • Managed DSP
  • Consultancy


Digital marketing agencies are becoming increasingly dependent on having a programmatic offering. The aggregated reach of DSP systems and the possibilities of audience centric buying provide great efficiencies and reduces waste compared to traditional ways of working.


Programmatic marketing means major changes and new opportunities for publishers. From previously being surface centric, the publisher needs to transform into an audience-centric approach to its media sales. BidTheatre's DSP provides the tools and services needed to develop and expand the media sales of the publisher.

Integration Partners

Are you looking to build your own marketing service or integrate digital marketing features with an existing system? Our platform API provides what you need to get going to access the ad inventory of millions of websites, big data capable storage, optimization algorithms, reporting, and more.


Our technology and services are used by marketers across the media industry






Said about BidTheatre

We are very happy to do business with BidTheatre. The combination of solid technology, flexibility and great customer care is all that you can expect from your partner.

Marcin Ekiert
Adtaily / Highway Digital

BidTheatre’s trading desk is a reliable and innovative partner in the creation and delivery of our data driven advertising campaigns.

Magnus In de Betou
TBS Mediabyrå

Since our cooperation started in the summer of 2013, BidTheatre has always delivered a high level of service and technical know-how. Today BidTheatre plays a vital role in our ad business.

Fredrik Strauss

We are very happy to do business with BidTheatre. The combination of solid technology, flexibility and great customer care is all that you can expect from your partner.

Marcin Ekiert
Adtaily / Highway Digital


BidTheatre’s technology is integrated with the major RTB-enabled sellers of online inventory, giving our users a single point of access to buy millions of ad impressions each second.




Data and System Integrations

BidTheatre's platform is integrated with industry leading technology vendors to add data, targeting capabilities and more.



Start managing your digital media buying programmatically today with BidTheatre's innovative demand side platform. Choose from three editions to fit your needs:


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