Demand Side Platform

Easy to use. Powerful under the hood.
Multi Channel

Engage your target audience across desktop, mobile devices, connected TV and digital-out-of-home screens.

Multi Formats

Launch banner, video, audio and native advertising campaigns with the same integrated workflow, performance tracking and insights reporting.


Target your impressions on user geo-location, device types, specific sites, pages, placements or site contexts, first- or third party audience data, IP, organisation names and weather


Mass marketing needs reach. Access the ad spaces of millions of local, national and global websites in open and private marketplaces.

Data Driven

Your site visitor, customer and conversion data is a valuable marketing asset. Import it or use our scripts to transfer it to BidTheatre for improving the precision and impact of your advertising.

Mobile enabled

Our responsive mobile UI allows for basic campaing management tasks away from the keyboard.

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Learn more about how BidTheatre DSP saves time and money while improving advertising precision, effect and insights.


We host and serve your ads from our super fast CDN, ensuring fast load times across the world. Bring your own creatives or use our integrated editor to build your own designs.

Our integrated in-banner capabilities lets you serve video content outstream.


Our Estimation tool helps plan your campaign.

Enter your constraints such known sites or formats, max CPM and campaign category, and it will output expected impressions, pricing, click through rates, and more.


Collect and activate your own site visitors or CRM data, or target third party audiences from our integrated vendors. Choose from demographics, lifestyle, interest, intent and b2b segments. Combine multiple audiences and targeting with our audience editor.


We use past impressions to fuel machine learning models that score and predict the value of future bid opportunities. This optimizes media spend towards your campaign KPI.


Our in-depth reporting gives you instant insight into campaign metrics such as impressions, clicks, viewability, unique user reach, click & conversion rates.

In addition, you will learn campaign response intargeted and system household, lifestyle and interest audiences to help guide further investments.

Our key takeaways reporting condenses the most important learnings such as top performing creatives, sites and audiences.


Showing your ad in the right context drives relevance and helps building your brand.

Our contextual targeting engine continuously classifies and categorizes page content of the web pages selling ad space.

Either target pre-made site lists for each of the IAB taxonomy categories, or dynamically build your own page list based on keyword expressions.


Our platform has been developed in collaboration with ad-ops teams to facilitate efficient and secure workflows.

Memos to share campaign notes among team members
News feed with all account activity
Asset reusable across campaigns and clients
Attach screenshots to
campaign, shareable with client
Two-Factor user authentication
All actions logged for traceability
Alerts highlight campaigns in need of checking
Automatic recommendations
Custom campaign templates for instant campaign setup
Users can access and manage multiple accounts

Privacy & Trust

BidTheatre works actively with compliance to privacy regulation and to verify and ensure quality and brand safety.

Our Privacy Tool for GPDR compliance allows data subjects to manage their personal data

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Frequently asked questions

Is BidTheatre using machine learning?

Yes, the platform analyzes millions of ad impressions to build predictive models.

Can I do retargeting (remarketing) with BidTheatre?


Can I advertise towards user audiences with BidTheatre?

Yes, either collect your own data, or target our demographics, lifestyle, interest, intent or b2b audience data.

Can I do contextual advertising with BidTheatre?

Yes, we have bundles of pre-defined contexts, and also provide the possibility to build custom contexts based on keywords.

Is BidTheatre a member of the IAB Transparency & Consent Framework

Yes, BidTheatre is TCF 2.2 compliant

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