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Our customer success team works closely with agency partners to keep their programmatic teams at the forefront.

Priority Support
Priority support

We set out to maximize media buyer value, and believe that mission is incompatible with owning or operating media assets. Believe it or not, but this makes us a rare bird in the ad tech space.

Continuous training of new team members

We believe that what is measured is improved, and to measure properly, transparency is needed. This is why all costs and fees are always outlined in detail in BidTheatre DSP.

Onboarding project

We can't stand the ineffective and the bureaucratic. We move forward, build and improve things with an agile no-nonsense mindset that encourages simplicity, understanding and empowerment.


Our platform has been developed in collaboration with ad-ops teams to facilitate efficient and secure workflows.

Memos to share campaign notes among team members
Asset reusable across campaigns and clients
Attach screenshots to
campaign, shareable with client
Users can access and manage multiple accounts
Report templates to speed up report generation of one or multiple reports
Achievements view that summarizes ad-ops proficiency
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Shareable realtime bidding map limited
to account or advertiser
Shareable insights reports branded with agency logo
Report subscriptions to automate
campaign flow
Custom report templates
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Dashboard connectors

Feed your campaign metrics to our data pipeline partners for further processing, visualization or distribution.

Looker Studio

Looked Studio (previously Google Data Studio) is an online tool for converting data into customizable informative reports and dashboards. It provides a simple, easy and low-cost way to connect data sources and create dashboards. It also offers an enterprise-focused solution with support for transformations and permissions.

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Whatagraph specializes in providing marketers with powerful and user-friendly reporting tools designed specifically for digital marketing campaigns. Its primary goal is to empower marketers by simplifying the reporting process, automating data visualization, and making actionable insights more accessible.

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Funnel is a data analytics company that automates data collection and unification from various sources. Its solutions sreamline data analysis and reporting for businesses, improving decision-making.

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Rivery is a data integration and automation company that simplifies data integration and automation from diverse sources. Rivery makes it easy to build complex end-to-end ELT data pipelines fast.

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BidTheatre DSP supports seamless campaign integration of third party measurement to ensure brand safety and verify viewability.


We support different modes and granularity of billing based on your agency model

Trusted by agency professionals

9.6 quality of support score
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“BidTheatre is a reliable and innovative partner in the creation and delivery of our data driven advertising campaigns.”

Magnus In de Betou
TBS Mediabyrå

“BidTheatre DSP is an easy-to-use media buying platform with powerful functionality for both branding and performance programmatic campaigns. BidTheatre is a reliable and responsive partner that maintains a high level of service and continuously develops the products and adds emergent channels.”

Fredrik Cöster
Bright Media

“Extremely User friendly Platform, Incredible Support-team, consistent and ongoing development”

Soren Rylov

Frequently asked questions

Is BidTheatre DSP self serve?

Yes it is, we encourage clients to learn our platform to take control and gain insights of their media buying activies.

Do you offer a managed service?

We might take on managed services for certain types of clients and scenarios. Reach out and we will discuss.

What is the difference between BidTheatre DSP and Google DV360?

We have only one goal in mind - maximizing buyer value. We also like to believe that we have a more user friendly interface, offer better and closer service, and are faster to innovate.

Does BidTheatre charge a minimum fee?

Yes, customer pays a minimum annual or monthly fee.

Is there a spend commitment in using BidTheatre DSP?

There is no spend commitment in additional to the minimum fee.

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