Frequently asked questions

Can you assist me in getting started?

Yes, we offer an onboarding project where we help train your team and deliver first value with pilot campaigns and stated goals.

Will I get an account manager?

All clients have access to our customer success team that proactively and reactively supports your media buying.

Is BidTheatre DSP self serve?

Yes it is, we encourage clients to learn our platform to take control and gain insights of their media buying activies.

Do you offer a managed service?

We might take on managed services for certain types of clients and scenarios. Reach out and we will discuss.

Do you provide API documentation?

Yes, please see link in this site footer

Do you provide support during API integration?

Our platform team has supported many integrations. Let's talk about your project and needs.

Can I reach all nordic Publishers?

Yes, all the well known ones, and most of the others as well.

Can I advertise on Meta / Facebook or Instagram with BidTheatre?

No, Meta is currently not selling its ad space programmatically.

Can I advertise on Tiktok with BidTheatre?

No, Tiktok is currently not selling its ad space programmatically.

Can BidTheatre do search advertising?

No, BidTheatre does not do paid search advertising.

What formats are relevant in programmatic advertising?

Relevant formats will depend on what sites / apps or screens you are targeting. Different countries have different standards, our Estimation tool can help you explore this.

Can I build ad creatives in BidTheatre?

Yes, we have an in-built ad editor

Is it possible to control ad frequency with BidTheatre?

Yes, ad frequency can always be controlled within a particular site, and often across multiple sites.

Can I target users within a specific geographic area with BidTheatre

Yes, you can target users on country, region, city or postal code level.

How is BidTheatre optimizing advertising budgets?

BidTheatre DSP will automaticallyl minimize spend within the set targets and contraints of your campaign. The platform can also optimize bids based on different KPI, such as cost per click, cost per conversion, etcetera.

Is BidTheatre using machine learning?

Yes, the platform analyzes millions of ad impressions to build predictive models.

Can I do retargeting (remarketing) with BidTheatre?


Can I activate my CRM data with BidTheatre

Please reach out to us and we'll assess your case in detail.

Can I build lookalike ("twin") audiences based on my retargeting data?

Yes, our machine learning can be used to identify users similar to an existing population.

Can I get insights of my data population?

Yes, we can match your data against our audience providers and report on how they match up.

Can I advertise towards user audiences with BidTheatre?

Yes, either collect your own data, or target our demographics, lifestyle, interest, intent or b2b audience data.

Can I do contextual advertising with BidTheatre?

Yes, we have bundles of pre-defined contexts, and also provide the possibility to build custom contexts based on keywords.

What are the benefits of contextual advertising?

A relevant context will improve the impact of your ad, and might contribute to position your brand in the mind of your target audience.

GDPR & Privacy
Is BidTheatre GDPR compliant?

Yes, BidTheatre follows the GDPR legislation, and the self regulating Transparency & Consent Framework.

How can I inspect and manage personal data that BidTheatre has stored about me?

Please use our Privacy Tool, linked in this site footer.

How is BidTheatre affected if / when the third party cookie disappears in Chrome?

These changes will apply equally to all ad tech platforms. The topic is vast, please refer to our Help Center on the Phase out of Third Party Cookies for more information.

Is BidTheatre a member of the IAB Transparency & Consent Framework

Yes, BidTheatre is TCF 2.2 compliant

I want to make my supply accessible in BidTheatre, how do I proceed?

BidTheatre integrates supply partners via OpenRTB exclusively. If you support this, please send us an email at outlining your top publishers, geos and volumes. Please note that there is currently a long waiting line for integrations with suppliers, and that we need to prioritize integrations.

Does BidTheatre have an API?

Yes, any feature available in our platform UI is also available in our API.

Is BidTheatre a media buying platform?

Yes BidTheatre DSP is an omnichannel platform for digital media buying. We currently support banner, video and audio ads in web, app, CTV and outdoor screens.

What is the difference between BidTheatre DSP and Google DV360?

We have only one goal in mind - maximizing buyer value. We also like to believe that we have a more user friendly interface, offer better and closer service, and are faster to innovate.

What is the difference between BidTheatre DSP and Google Display Network?

Google Display Network is a network of sites that display banner advertising. With BidTheatre DSP you can access and buy GDN sites.

Account Questions
Do I need to sign an agreement to get started?

You can do a 14 day trial, after that our sales representative will work with you to draft a contact.

Can I pay with credit card?

Yes you can pay with credit card or invoice

How is BidTheatre DSP priced?

Customers pay a fee that is a percentage of the spend on media and audiences (optional)

Does BidTheatre charge a minimum fee?

Yes, customer pays a minimum annual or monthly fee.

Is there a spend commitment in using BidTheatre DSP?

There is no spend commitment in additional to the minimum fee.

What happened to your free account?

It's been discontinued, we're instead offering a 14-day trial.

Does trial cost anything?

No, getting access to a 14-day time limited trial account is free of charge. If you like to make actual media buys during trial, you will be charged by credit card.