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BidTheatre DSP comes with an open API that allows for seamless integration of our media buying capabilities into you own software

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Integration Cases

We see three main categories of integrators, read more about them below. Please reach out to us if you'd like to discuss your specific scenario.

Niche & Vertical Platforms

Vertical software services such as recruirement platforms, real estate services, or CRM platforms can utilize BidTheatre to add marketing capabilities to their software. Activation of specific audience data is often an important value add-on of these platforms.

Advertising Platforms & Ad Network

Platforms that offer a wide range of integrated digital advertisting channels may utilize BidTheatre as the engine for programmatic media buying. Simplification and aggregation are often the rationale for these platforms.

Ad Tech Platforms

If you're building tools for the ad ecosystem, you might want to offer ways to seamlessly inject segments, creatives, data lists or other assets into common Demand Side Platforms.

Why integrate?

Investing in an integration with BidTheatre DSP comes with several benefits.

Automation and Efficiency

Streamline and automate various aspects of your advertising campaigns. Reduce or eliminate the need for manual data entry and repetitive asks. Execute and manage campaigns more efficiently, saving valuable time and resources.

Customization and Flexibility

By integrating our open API into your software, you can tailor the advertising experience to align with your unique business needs.

Cost-effectiveness and Scalability

As business needs evolve and grow, an API integration will scale efficiently to handle increased data and loads.

Security & Consistency

Integrating with our API’s ensures data consistency across different systems, avoiding discrepancies that may occur in manual data transfers. API access control is easier to secure and authorize than UI-based interactions.

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“Technical platform and expertise, responsiveness and open mindset to new ideas.”

Andreas Ericsson

“BidTheatre has the technology and the knowledge perfectly suited our demands. Our partnership with BidTheatre gives both us and our clients added value through use of first class technology which easily integrates with our technology.”

Tore V. Hjerde
Frantz AS

“BidTheatre provides fast and solution oriented support with in-depth technical knowledge. The platform also distributes and paces campaign spend evenly over time (not as some, with foucs around midnight :))”

Andreas Wallenberg
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Frequently asked questions

Does BidTheatre have an API?

Yes, any feature available in our platform UI is also available in our API.

Do you provide API documention?

Yes, please see link in this site footer

Do you provide support during API integration?

Our platform team has supported many integrations. Let's talk about your project and needs.

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