Programmatic Connected TV

BidTheatre DSP supports programmatic ad buying in Connected TV devices

Leverage all the benefits of programmatic in TV advertising
Programmatic CTV is growing rapidly
Keep all your digital campaigns and channels in one platform

Advantages with programmatic Connected TV

Unlike traditional televisions that rely on broadcasting signals from antennas or cable/satellite providers, connected TVs leverage internet connectivity to stream video, access apps, and interact with various online platforms.

Reach &

Use one system to access a growing aggregated supply of TV audiences, save time and reduce logistics in communication with media.


Activate first- and third party data to target audiences based on location, demographics, interests or intent.

Transparency & Control

Start, pause or stop campaigns instantly, or reallocate budgets between different media.


With programmatic buying, the value of each impression is weighted and budgets optimized towards campaign KPIs.

Nordic CTV Publishers

TV4 Play

TV4 Play is a popular streaming service in Sweden that offers a wide range of TV programs and series from the TV4 channels.

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Pluto tv

Pluto TV is a free streaming service that offers a wide range of TV channels and content online with an international reach.

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C More

Cmore is a leading entertainment platform in Sweden that offers a diverse range of content for streaming enthusiasts.

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Discovery Plus is a comprehensive streaming service that gives viewers access to a variety of popular TV shows, documentaries and exclusive content from Discovery Networks.

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Rakuten TV is a streaming service that offers a wide range of movies and TV series to viewers around the world. With Rakuten TV, users can rent, buy or stream content directly to their devices.

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CTV Targeting

BidTheatre DSP offers several options to target your CTV buying. Common ones include:

Geographic targeting
For example country, region, city or postal code.
Audience targeting
Household audiences from providers such as Digiseg or Nordic Data Resources.
Weather targeting
Choose between sunny, rainy, snowy or cloudy.


Visit our help center to find more information about Programmatic Connected TV and TV material specifications.

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