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Take control of your digital advertising with self serve BidTheatre DSP
Make your advertising data driven and improve ROI
Leverage aggregated reach of multiple publishers and channels in one platform

The Challenges

Brands face several challenges when buying digital exposure, each addressed in the BidTheatre DSP.


Understanding suitable publishers, pricing and formats for my campaign.

Logistics to manage multiple media relationships.

Lack of control and flexibility.

Budget waste due to imprecise targeting

Budget waste due to frequency overlap

Difficulty in activating first party data (retargeting) or third party data assets.

No cost transparency.

Hard to compare performance when running campaigns in different media

Manual analysis, low performance and return on ad spend (ROAS)

BidTheatre DSP

Explore the formats, pricing and audiences of large to long tail publishers

Thousands of publishers readily available for open bidding. One invoice for all media spend.

Instant campaign launch, pause and budget changes

Target users based on geography, device type, site, page, context, audience, weather, and more.

Tracks users across publishers to get a unified understanding of ad frequency

Reduce waste by addressing your target users based on location or past behaviour.

Easily compare the performance of different media and data assets.

Unified reporting across all publishers and formats. Easy comparison of price/performance.

Realtime optimization of buying decisions based
on past performance machine learning.

Customer Success

Our Customer Success team holds your hand and ensures that you get the most out of programmatic media buying

Training of new team members

Reactive Support

Onboarding w/team tailored training, pilot campaign and follow up

Product updates

Account review and advice

Trusted by advertising brands

9.6 quality of support score
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“BidTheatre is providing excellent customer service and always looking to improve the partnership!”

Maxime Ament

“BidTheatre gives us full control of our digital campaigns. We’re achieving high reach at a low effective cost, with positive ROI”

Alexander Kvarnström

“BidTheatre gives us full control over our display purchases, giving good exposure in focus target groups with great results. We receive follow-up of the results in real time without intermediaries.”

Andreas Johansson
Tage Rejmes

Frequently asked questions

Can you assist me in getting started?

Yes, we offer an onboarding project where we help train your team and deliver first value with pilot campaigns and stated goals.

Is BidTheatre DSP self serve?

Yes it is, we encourage clients to learn our platform to take control and gain insights of their media buying activies.

Do you offer a managed service?

We might take on managed services for certain types of clients and scenarios. Reach out and we will discuss.

Can I build ad creatives in BidTheatre?

Yes, we have an in-built ad editor

What is the difference between BidTheatre DSP and Google Display Network?

Google Display Network is a network of sites that display banner advertising. With BidTheatre DSP you can access and buy GDN sites.

Does BidTheatre charge a minimum fee?

Yes, customer pays a minimum annual or monthly fee.

Is there a spend commitment in using BidTheatre DSP?

There is no spend commitment in additional to the minimum fee.

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