Automotive use case

Reaching and engaging Rejems core customer base


Target a hard-to-reach audience of families and couples solely in a narrow and distinct area.

Engage audience in Rejmes automotive brands and enable prospects to book a car demo.


Audience segments ensured Rejmes to target a core customer base of families and couples.

BidTheatre's unique targeting tools enabled Rejmes to target a core audience and ensured that their ads was only served in the desired area.


BidTheatre's targeting tools can access a big selection of sites and thereby enabled Rejmes to maximize reach – over 100 000 unique users.

Rejmes Volvo XC40 ads for 2021

With engaging ad formats we drove high responses and ultimately car bookings.

Evolving Rejmes programmatic marketing activity

Our integrated Ad creation tool enables clients to build tailored ads in realtime

Our all in one platform enables Rejmes to reach their core audience across multiple sites

Moving forward with Rejmes programmatic marketing activity

Extending customer reach through building lookalike audiences and increasing responses through site retargeting of engaged prospects

We will be providing dynamics ads to target car models and offers to relevant audiences

Client feedback

Andreas Johansson
Rejmes Bil

Being my own media agency, as I become with BidTheatre, creates full control over my display purchases. I choose the time period, budget, target group, site list and receive follow-up of the results in real time without intermediaries.

The challenge with digital marketing is always to capture the interest and bring the target audience closer to a conversion. Bidtheatre gives us good exposure in the target groups that we ourselves choose to focus on with a great result.

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Daniel Wallin
Account executive
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