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Updated: 24 July, 2020 This cookie policy applies to any websites operated by BidTheatre AB.

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What are cookies?

Cookies are files or pieces of information that may be stored in your web browser when you visit a website. Cookiesare used to "remember" past behaviour either across page views in a session, or across different sessions in time.

What do we use cookies for? uses cookies to improve the experience of using BidTheatre's products, for example by remembering your password or your preferences. We also use cookies to compile anonymous aggregated information about users visiting our sites, for the purpose of understanding our users and improving content.

In addition to this, BidTheatre's advertising platform, BidTheatre DSP, uses cookies to facilitate targeting ads with a frequency that is pleasant to receivers, and to facilitate targeted advertising based on records of your previous web browsing habits.

What cookies are placed upon visiting

BidTheatre places the following cookies to remember your preferences:

  • consent, to remember your consent to BidTheatre's use of cookies on

What cookies are placed by Bidtheatre DSP?

BidTheatre DSP sets up to two cookies:

  • __kuid- holds your unique user id, 7 or 90 days expiry
  • __kus- holds records of when user id has been synced with partners to BidTheatre, 90 days expiry

We use a cookie to keep track of your preferences for receiving non-personalised and personalised ads

If you want to suppress tracking / revoke your consent that BidTheatre processes and collects personal data, the BidTheatre unique user id to keep track of this. If you clear your browser cookies, it might be needed to opt-out again.

Do we use third party cookies?

BidTheatre uses suppliers that may set third party cookies on BidTheatre's behalf to deliver their services. These vendors are listed below:

  • Google Analytics, on-site-analytics,
  • Albacross, B2B analytics,