Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to the display advertising served by BidTheatre AB through its adserver technology ASX. To contact our organization, use the information in the footer of this site. Because we want to demonstrate our commitment to our users’ privacy, we disclose all of the information we collect, why we collect it, and what we do with the it. When collecting or storing data through its adserver ASX, BidTheatre fulfills the regulations of the Privacy Preferences Projects (P3P), that are determined by the World Wide Web group. Information is collected for the following purposes:

  • Build records of user habits and interests to make marketing decisions
  • Research and Development
  • Build records of user habits and interests for research
  • Completing an activity or transaction

BidTheatre never

  • Collects person-related data such as names, adresses, e-mail addresses or telephone numbers
  • Sends person-level data on to third parties such as advertisers or medias

When ads are requested from BidTheatre, the ad server receives standard user information sent by the user’s browser:

  • Web navigation information
  • Computer system information (User-agent, IP-address)
  • Information about interactions with our adserver through previously stored cookies

Upon viewing ads, none of the above user information is stored by BidTheatre. BidTheatre only stores viewing data on an aggregated level to report the results to our clients. However, the information is used to make real-time decisions on suitable ads for the user given our advertisers’ and medias’ preferences and advertising objectives. The IP-address might be used for

  • Targeting based on the geographical region of the user
  • Targeting based on the public known information about the IP

The user-agent might be used for targeting based on

  • User browser
  • Operating system

The cookies might be used for:

  • Frequency capping (limits the numbers of times a user gets exposed to a specific ad campaign)
  • Retargeting in terms of previously viewed ads, clicked ads and visited advertisers
  • Behavioural targeting to show relevant ads based on collected information about previously viewed and clicked ads

All cookie-based targeting except frequency capping can be opted out from by following this link. This will set a cookie that indicates to BidTheatre that no cookie-based targeting should be performed, and that no future targeting cookies will be set. Any currently present cookies used for targeting purposes are removed. BidTheatre closely monitors the current laws and best practices in the field of data protection and privacy concerns.