Media Buying Power

One platform to target and understand your digital audiences with banner & video campaigns, across all devices

One platform to deliver messages across the marketing funnel

Programmatic advertising is a revolution for marketers. The fragmented landscape of digital media is aggregated and made available for precise impression-level targeting, in one system. Marketer and third party data assets are leveraged to make marketing a dialogue, not a one-way communication.

Branding & Awareness

Create awareness of your brand with millions of users in the right digital contexts

Engagement & Conversion

Retarget your site visitors to drive conversion

Interest & Desire

Build interest through optimised creatives and tailored messages to your target audience

Why BidTheatre?

We make sure that your digital media investments are effective. We are approachable, innovative and solution-oriented.
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One Platform

One system to manage all your online banner and video campaigns.

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No black boxes. Fully transparent. Fully independent.
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Local Presence

We're on site in the Nordics, and know the players. Drop by our office in Stockholm.

Easy to use. Powerful under the hood.

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Mass marketing needs reach. Access the adspaces of millions of digital websites across Europe in open and private marketplaces.
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Multi Channel & Device

Engage your customers with display, video and mobile, across desktop, mobile and tablet devices.
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Data Driven

Your data is your most valueable asset. Put it in our silo and leverage it to fuel your customer dialogue.

Privacy & Anti-Fraud

We take ad fraud, user privacy and brand safety seriously, and work with the best partners to detect malicious tags, block non-human traffic, and filter low quality users.

All You Need

  • Creative hosting
  • Adserving
  • Automatic screenshots


We use past impressions to fuel machine learning models that score and predict the value of future bid opportunities. This helps optimize both your media spend and your campaign KPI's. 


Choose between several ways to target your buying to the impressions best suited to your campaign objectives. Targeting options include:

  • Geography
  • Device Type
  • Domain / Page / Ad placement
  • Ad Environment
  • Viewability
  • Frequency
  • Site Category
  • Weather
  • IP


Our in-depth reporting gives you instant insight into your campaign metrics and audiences. Discover campaign response across your audiences, demographics, geography, device types and much more.


Our technology and services are used by marketers across the media industry.

"BidTheatre is a reliable and innovative partner in the creation and delivery of our data driven advertising campaigns"

-- Magnus In de Betou,

Head of Digital, TBS Mediabyrå

eCPM raised from 110 to 220 SEK

"BidTheatre is a great partner that has really made an extra effort to meet our demands. Having a Swedish partner has been a great advantage to us, enabling customised solutions that wouldn’t be possible with one of the international giants."

-- Håkan Hamrin

Business Development, Mittmedia



System and Data

Support & Pricing

Managed Service
Self Service

Let our dedicated talent and expertise help you unlock the full potential of data driven marketing with our campaign management support

Planning & Strategy

Together we define the objectives of your marketing efforts, and plan how to achieve them

Optimization & Ad Operations

We manage the continuous work of attending to your campaigns and making sure they deliver on target

Technical Support

Many find the technical aspects of digital marketing daunting. We can make sure that your setup is optimal

Reporting & Analysis

We've got the experience from running thousands of campaigns. Let our team analyze the key findings from your marketing effort

With a self service account, you receive a dedicated seat on the DSP. Self Service is suited for those that want full control over media buying, and isn't afraid to invest the time. Still, there are plenty of support options available:

Help Center

Our wiki that contains guides, how-to's and troubleshooting tips

Email support

Drop us an email question and we'll assist you as soon as possible

Account Manager

With a minimum spend commitment, you have access to a dedicated account manager and phone support


  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Branded UI and Insights
  • Data Management Platform
  • Screenshots
  • Advertiser Logins
  • Invoice or Credit Card
  • Credit
  • Media Spend-based Fee


  • All-In-One digital marketing platform
  • Banner & Video campaigns
  • Templates for common campaign types
  • Product Feed ads
  • B2B features
  • Invoice or Credit Card
  • Credit
  • Media Spend-based Fee

Enterprise Integrations

  • Dedicated Integration Manager
  • Full platform API
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Customizations
  • Invoice
  • Credit
  • Media Spend-based Fee

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to the display advertising served by BidTheatre AB through its adserver technology ASX. To contact our organization, use the information in the footer of this site. Because we want to demonstrate our commitment to our users’ privacy, we disclose all of the information we collect, why we collect it, and what we do with the it. When collecting or storing data through its adserver ASX, BidTheatre fulfills the regulations of the Privacy Preferences Projects (P3P), that are determined by the World Wide Web group. Information is collected for the following purposes:

  • Build records of user habits and interests to make marketing decisions
  • Research and Development
  • Build records of user habits and interests for research
  • Completing an activity or transaction

BidTheatre never

  • Collects person-related data such as names, adresses, e-mail addresses or telephone numbers
  • Sends person-level data on to third parties such as advertisers or medias

When ads are requested from BidTheatre, the ad server receives standard user information sent by the user’s browser:

  • Web navigation information
  • Computer system information (User-agent, IP-address)
  • Information about interactions with our adserver through previously stored cookies

Upon viewing ads, none of the above user information is stored by BidTheatre. BidTheatre only stores viewing data on an aggregated level to report the results to our clients. However, the information is used to make real-time decisions on suitable ads for the user given our advertisers’ and medias’ preferences and advertising objectives. The IP-address might be used for

  • Targeting based on the geographical region of the user
  • Targeting based on the public known information about the IP

The user-agent might be used for targeting based on

  • User browser
  • Operating system

The cookies might be used for:

  • Frequency capping (limits the numbers of times a user gets exposed to a specific ad campaign)
  • Retargeting in terms of previously viewed ads, clicked ads and visited advertisers
  • Behavioural targeting to show relevant ads based on collected information about previously viewed and clicked ads

All cookie-based targeting except frequency capping can be opted out from by following this link. This will set a cookie that indicates to BidTheatre that no cookie-based targeting should be performed, and that no future targeting cookies will be set. Any currently present cookies used for targeting purposes are removed. BidTheatre closely monitors the current laws and best practices in the field of data protection and privacy concerns.