Privacy policy

Updated: 20 april, 2018

We are committed to protecting the privacy of all users. This Privacy Policy describes in detail our processing of personal data, and related information. If you wish to contact BidTheatre regarding privacy, please find details at Contact Us.

About BidTheatre

BidTheatre is a provider of data driven marketing software to media agencies, advertisers and publishers. With BidTheatre DSP, marketers get unified and efficient access to the fragmented European media landscape and can launch awareness building or conversion driving banner or video campaigns. With its capabilities to target and understand digital audiences, BidTheatre's platform makes marketing a dialogue, not a one-way communication.

BidTheatre and personal data

BidTheatre is a registered Global Vendor in IAB Europe's Transparency & Consent Framework and adheres to the IAB Transparency and Consent Framework Policies. As an ad technology platform, BidTheatre may collect and process personal data for different advertising purposes.iab-logo
Purpose 1

Store and/or access information on a device

Example: Reading and writing a web cookie that holds a randomly generated unique identifier of the device. This identifier is used to store and access device information for subsequent purposes.

Legal Basis: Consent

Purpose 2

Use limited data to select advertising

Example: Control frequency of basic (non personalized) ads shown to users, and basic targeting such as (non-precise) geo-targeting.

Legal Basis: Legitimate interest (default) or consent. Find assessment of legitimate interest here

Purpose 3

Create profiles for personalised advertising

Example: Store a record that a user has accessed a given site.

Legal Basis: Consent

Purpose 4

Use profiles to select personalised advertising.

Example: Select ads e.g. for retargeting puproses based on a previously visited site.

Legal Basis: Consent

Purpose 5

Measure advertising performance

Example: To record viewing of or interaction with an ad and combine this with records of advertiser website actions to attribute advertising effect.

Legal Basis: Consent

Purpose 6

Develop and improve services

Example: Product improvement or new product development.

Legal Basis: Consent

What are the sources of your personal data?

All personal data is automatically collected via requests sent over the Internet to our servers from third parties. These third parties are:

  • Advertisers (visits to their sites, purchases of products)
  • Supply Side Platforms (your geo location, browser, etc)
  • Data Suppliers (gender, age, income, interests, etc)
  • Other Technology Vendors (cross device resolution, etc)

All personal data is attached to a personal unique identifying ID. By using the ID, personal data can be accessed, altered or removed. Given that legal basis exists, BidTheatre attempts to store the ID as a browser cookie to facilitate re-identification of a web browser over time.

Your rights as a data subject / privacy tool

BidTheatre's Privacy Tool is the preferred way of accessing your personal data in the BidTheatre DSP. The tool facilitates the possibility for you to exercise a number of your user rights in terms of personal data:

The right to object to processing

You have the right to object to certain types of processing, including processing for direct marketing (i.e. if you no longer want to be contacted with potential opportunities).

The right of access

You have the right to obtain access to your information (if we’re processing it), and certain other information (similar to that provided in this Privacy Policy). This is so you’re aware and can check that we’re using your information in accordance with data protection law.

The right to data portability

You have rights to obtain and reuse your personal information for your own purposes across different services. For example, if you decide to switch to a new provider, this enables you to move, copy or transfer your information easily between our IT systems and theirs safely and securely, without affecting its usability.

The right to rectification

You are entitled to have your information corrected if it’s inaccurate or incomplete.

The right to be informed

You have the right to be provided with clear, transparent and easily understandable information about how we use your information and your rights. This is why we’re providing you with the information in this Policy.

The right to erasure

This is also known as ‘the right to be forgotten’ and, in simple terms, enables you to request the deletion or removal of your information where there’s no compelling reason for us to keep using it. This is not a general right to erasure; there are exceptions.

The right to restrict further processing

You have rights to ‘block’ or suppress further use of your information. When processing is restricted, we can still store your information, but may not use it further. We keep lists of people who have asked for further use of their information to be ‘blocked’ to make sure the restriction is respected in future.

How can you ensure that no personal data is stored?

BidTheatre inspects three settings to determine whether user data can be stored:

Setting 1

BidTheatre respects the Do Not Track (DNT) initiative, please consult your browser settings for details on how to enable DNT in your browser.

Setting 2

BidTheatre inspects your user ID for an suppression / consent setting. To suppress personal data collection or use, or revoke consent, access the Privacy Tool.

Setting 3

Upon analysing opportunities to purchase ad space to target ads to our end users, we inspect and respect Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) industry standard signals for end-user consent. You may alter these signals by giving or revoking your consent at publishers that have implemented consent collection and adhere to IAB standards.

Consequence of not providing personal data

The consequence of objecting or restricting processing and/or withdrawing consent is that no we will be able to make less informed or precise automated decisions about what ads to show to you. As a data subject, you have the right to make a complaint to the Swedish data protection authorityDatainspektionen.